Monday, November 28, 2011

Lloyd Godman

Lloyd Godman created this magical light show in a greenhouse at Montsalvat in 2007.
He covered the windows of the lighthouse with large sheets of carbon paper, onto which was a landscape scene ~ made by punching holes into the paper with a nail (highly labour intensive!)
When a viewer entered the greenhouse, an automatic timer would set off lights and fog effects...creating this beautiful effect~ 'Camera Obscura'

Carbon Obscura by Lloyd Godman at Montsalvat 2007

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"That shy mysterious poet Arthur Stace
Whose work was just one single mighty word
Walked in the utmost depths of time and space
And there his word was spoken and he heard
ETERNITY, ETERNITY, it banged him like a bell
Dulcet from heaven sounding, sombre from hell."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

These photographs by Michael Wesely of New York’s Museum of Modern Art have an exposure time of three years:

“In 2001, Wesely installed cameras overlooking the surrounding buildings. The resulting photographs—some completed as late as June 2004—present the extensive transformation of the site. The passage of time is rendered in delicate, translucent layers, as existing structures were demolished and new ones rose in their place. Instead of a momentary glimpse presented as fact and just as quickly consumed, Michael Wesely’s photographs for MoMA offer an experience in which past and present are intertwined elements of an evolving proposition”

falling astronaut experiment